Day 1

My first post for November , I vacuumed my house today ! TA- DA

Just kidding that wont be my post. I really did vaccum though, my house seriously needed it. With a very hairy dog, and two kids my walls were started to look like a fur jacket with food crumbs stuck in it.

So last night was Halloween, the first holiday my girls have celebrated since being here. Almaz doesn’t really understand Halloween other than that there are pumpkins and funny looking stuff she’s never seen before.

I didn’t want to overwhelm her by dressing her up and taking her trick or treating not to mention she doesnt eat candy, so we stayed at home to hand out candy. My friend Amanda came over to help/hang out too. I got Almaz dressed in her costume which she surprisingly didnt protest very much, luckily cause we had the kiddie crack aka GABBA GABBA on tv. She is absolutely in love with that devil show, but I have to admit the Halloween song on it is super cute and she loves it.

We set up shop in the drive way armed with a bowl of candy, not one piece did I eat by the way. We showed her how to put candy in the kids bags after they say trick or treat and she had a blast handing out candy for 3 hours. She loved seeing all the costumes and would get so excited when she would see more kids coming. We did have to hand out the candy when someone with a mask or scary face paint came by though as she would freak out, until a nice little boy took his mask off to show her there was just a person under the mask. Overall a good night and she had a lot of fun so I’m happy.

Little miss Getise hung out in her swing outside with us until she got tired and I put her inside to sleep. I can’t wait for hubby to be home next year so we can actually take the girls out.




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