What is that u ask ? I honestly had no friggen idea either. But apparently it stands for National Blog Post Month, which pretty much means you stupidly commit to posting on your blog everyday for a month.

Now I have started blog after blog after blog only to get bored and distracted and not write more than one post… EVER, but I figured I’m newly home with my two daughters from Ethiopia, my husbands deployed, I’m busy, I’m tired, so I should have something to write about. Did I mention I’m also apparently insane for deciding to do this.

So here it is people, my insane commitment to post on my blog EVERYDAY for the month of November. But before anyone gets too excited( hahaha yeah right) expect some absolutely pointless, boring, confusing posts about absolutely nothing and keep in mind I’m a horrible writer, speller, punctuator and I willingly admit it.


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