Day 2

So, I’ve made it to my second day of posting for November. I planned on posting later tonight but since I’m sitting here on the couch stuffing my face with sugar cookies and white cheddar Cheetos ( sorry AP you left em here for the 3rd time) and watching Criminal Minds instead of packing, I figured why not write it now.

So, I have 10 days until the girls and I are on a plane to California. My husbands deployment still has at least 10 months to go and the girls and I are feeling to isolated out here in the middle of the Pacific ocean. So in order to move, I have to give up our housing here on base and pack all of our stuff into a POD to store for the year.

Just so you know, packing an entire house to go into a pod, as well as packing enough supplies/clothes for 3 people for a year is really hard when you have two kids constantly up your butt. Yeah classy last statement I know, but It’s what I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and for the most part they are really happy well-behaved kids, but last night we had the mother of all meltdowns.

I have no idea what happened honestly. I don’t remember what she got in trouble for( mostly cause she got in trouble like 5 times) but Almaz threw a temper tantrum around 5pm last night. Like she got on the floor and yelled and screamed. I walked away and ignored it, as I still have another child to care for and wasn’t going ot feed into her attitude. So she stopped throwing her tantrum after about 30 mins. She then sat down to eat dinner and everything was well for a while. Then she told me she was all done and when I looked at her food she had just finished her bread and nothing else. She said she wanted more bread, and I told her after she finished her other food. There went tantrum #2, trying to get out of her high chair and whining and crying. I walked away again.

Came back to check on her 2 minutes later and she had dumbed all her drink all over her food so she wouldnt have to eat it. I then told her she just ruined the only dinner she was getting so now she could go sit in time out. Insert tantrum #3. She stood against the wall and screamed and cried. When she was done I took her in my arms and told her why she got time out gave her a hug, told her I loved her and asked her to behave. She smiled, and said, “I sorry.” to which I responded “it’s ok.” I then took her into the kitchen with me to make her sisters bottle. I told her not to touch anything( like i said been trying to pack, breakable stuff out on the counters.) She didn’t bother to listen. So she was told she was going to go upstairs, have a quick bath and go to bed early. Insert tantrum #4.

The last tantrum lasted about an hour so between 5 and 7:30 we had 4 tantrums one lasting an hour long. Yeah, I didn’t get much done. Earlier in the day it was her sisters turn to be a pain. She insisted screaming and crying all day for some unknown reason. It was overall just a bad day. I usually stay up after I put them to bed in order to get something done, but I was just exhausted after dealing with that, so I went ot bed early. Of course my 7 month old still wakes up every couple of hours wanting a bottle, so sleep was crappy last night as it is every night.

I am tired. T-I-R-E-D. I should be napping now while they are but im on here…. ughhhh. This post probably made no sence but it’s all you get for the day. Hopefully I will have something better to post tomorrow.


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