Day 6

Im falling asleep so I am going to try and make this quick. First off, my heart is heavy with sadness and the events at Ft. Hood. My heart goes out to all the people affected by that horrible horrible tradgedy.

This morning we got shots and in we I mean A. and G.. They were NOT happy though I didnt expect them to be. A. really has a tough time with the aftermath of shots. She gets so sore she can barely walk and her poor little legs shake. After shots we went to get some lunch and let A. play on the slide. A cute little girl around 7 or so helped her climb the play structure and went down the slide with her so she wouldnt be scared. It was really sweet.

After lunch we ran to the store for some baby food and found a cute selection of christmas dresses. I held some up for A. but she automatically makes a horrendous face and tells me the dresses are G’s. She’s going to wear one for christmas pictures whether she wants to or not, GOT IT KIDDO ? I’ve never seen a child her age with such disdain for a dress, its absurd. Luckily the little one is too young to protest ! I also found super cute winter hats with matching mittens that they tried on. Weird to see considering I live in Hawaii. We dont get cold weather, so whats the deal with the hats and gloves ???


We then went home for nap time. While she was  “sleeping” my mom and I loaded a bunch of my boxes into a pod, but it still doesnt look like we packed anything in my house, and this is after donating over 5 large black garbage bags full of stuff. After A’s nap, which was only about 30 mins long might I add, since she decided to yell and sing for 1.5 hours, we ordered Chinese food and relaxed. I got to talk to the hubby tonight as well, which was nice. Im tired though and falling asleep so i’m signing off.

Heres another picture from my phone , just cause G. looks cute.



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