Day 7

I made it a week ! It’s been hard too, and I doubt anyone is actually reading this blog. Nonetheless I made a commitment to do this so Im gunna stick to it.

My mom and I are super women. We got all the boxes that were packed out into the POD, packed up some other boxes and arranged it all nicely in there. At first, we didn’t think that all of my stuff would fit, so I started selling/giving things away on Craigslist. Turns out I think we will have more than enough room. Now im bummed I got rid of some stuff.

After packing and naps(hah A. didn’t take hers, least she will play in her room instead of screaming to come out) we headed up to the North Shore to see the turtles on the beach. Unfortunately none have shown up for the last couple days so we didnt get to see any. However A. did get to see the beach and the sand for the first time and wasn’t impressed at first. She said the sand was dirty and when the water touched her feet she started bawling. That is until she realized sand was fun and the water was like bath time. Then of course she didnt want to get out of it and kept picking up the sand after i had just washed her hands so we could go . But eventually we were on our way, hopefully we will get to see the turtles before we leave the island for 10 months.

On the way back home we stopped and had dinner, guess where at ???? Yup, the shrimp truck. We had yummy garlic shrimp, lemon pepper shrimp, and the ripest fruit plate consisting of juicy pineapple, papaya, and yummy banana. It was awesome ! On the way home G. decided since it was dark, it must be bed time and passed out. I had to wake her up once we got home though since I wanted her to sleep at her actual bedtime.

Once home my mom and I nursed our bajillion mosquito bites we got during our shrimp eating escapade. AP stopped by for a few then it was dual bath time and bedtime. Tomorrow is a boring day of more packing and storing, and I gotta pick up my MIL from the airport as well.

Welp thats all…. I swear one of these days I WILL have something exciting to post about.


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