Hey remember me ???

Hah, yeah my maybe one reader. I failed miserably at the NABLOPOMO thingy and haven’t posted since I don’t think. I’ve been busy since moving back to California. I brought nothing with us for the next year except clothes and some of the girls toys , so starting over has taken all my time. We are in a place now, that is fully furnished. In furnishings I definitely wouldn’t pick if I had the choice but they will work for now.

The girls seem to be adjust well, and are enjoying getting to see family all the time. It’s even better than just being in the same town as family, since we live across the street from one grandma. My husband should also be coming home for a couple weeks here shortly which is amazing and scary at the same time. We only had four days together after i got back with the girls so we don’t really know how to be the complete family yet. It will take some adjustment but im sure everything will be fine.

A. is reallllllly diggin Christmas. She gets so excited at every little thing, and the see the joy and sheer happiness on her face when she sees christmas lights or a Santa Claus is truly heartwarming. I know she doesn’t understand the whole hoopla, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and to be able to spend it with my kids( holy crap i have kids this year !!!) is really great.

Today we went to see The Princess and the Frog with Gma and Uncle Chris. It was A’s first movie and she did really well till around the end when she got really fidgety and grumpy. But I expected nothing less from a 2 year old. Now the girls are sleeping and im lounging on the couch with my poor dog who got bit by something and has a dome the size of Texas now…Hopefully the swelling goes down soon, because although I love my dog, I don’t love the emergency vet fees.


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