I love taking pics of her….

she makes it soooo easy for the most part. I should be sleeping because tomorrow is an exciting day for all of us. There is a Sacramento Ethiopia Adoptive Parent get-together that we are all very very excited about. Heres hoping for some good food, good fun, and maybe some new friends !


4 responses to “I love taking pics of her….

  1. I hope you had an amazing time at the get together. We keep missing them for one reason or another…hopefully this spring we will be able to attend one : 0

  2. We are actually Northern Nevada. I know there is one other Ethiopian adoptive family in Reno and we have both heard through the grape vine that there may be one more somewhere up here šŸ˜‰ but who knows…so I am part of the Sacramento and Bay Area groups since our support base is pretty limited here.

    • I know the feeling. We actually live in Hawaii… we have no support group or know any other ET Ap’s there at all. Im just in California until July, so at least there is a group here.

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