My poor confused child.

I kept meaning to post about our exciting and fun get together with the folks of  the Sacramento Ethiopia Adoption group, but I’ve been to busy dealing with my defiant tantruming child. We all met together last Sunday at Queen Sheba Restaurant(FANTASTIC FOOD!) It was the first time we have gotten together with other families as well as the first tiem eating Ethiopian food. Allie was in heaven, and ate her weight plus more in injera. We got to meet some people I have looked forward to meeting like J and her girls T and S, and little Mihret who lives in the same town as us.

Allie got to dance around and play with T and S and seemed to have an absolute blast. She did NOT want to leave. I did however notice sme moments of silence and in those moments of silence some sadness in her eyes. I cant imagine what it must feel like for her. Wether she noticed familiar things, smells, tastes. Or maybe noticed color difference ? She had a fairly easy adjustment, and has always seemed happy. But I think maybe she hasnt grieved for her family and for her country, at least not properly. She must be confused and I wish I knew what to do for her.

Ever since that day she has done nothing but act out, do things she knows are unacceptable, start screaming and yelling and pounding on things when put on time out and just all together acting like a completely different child. So what do we do? I know she’s all mixed up inside and doesnt know how to explain it or what to think, but I would like her to have that link to her country. But because of how she reacted, do I avoid the future get-togethers or just keep going ?

Mmmm Injera and Wot

A, T and S or is it S and T. Twins are hard to tell apart.

A. kissed Bruk, the one in the white shirt, on the cheek. She liked him.

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