IHF Weekly Challenge “Hilarious Outtakes”

Fun challenge this week at I HEART FACES. We are to post our funny moments, and can post 5 entries instead of one ! So without further adieu…

WTF moment #1

This was before I got a nice camera, but hubby had just deployed and I was trying to get good pictures for him… instead I got this. I have no idea what caused it.


Again crappy camera pics for daddy. And is it just me or does G look like shes thinking about cuttin me ??


Maggie wanted a kiss, A. was not so happy about it.


Ya try to take a cute picture of the child and she does this. For about 50 shots… literally.


I asked A. how she slept and she did this…

Check out more hilarious outtakes at I heart Faces


10 responses to “IHF Weekly Challenge “Hilarious Outtakes”

  1. LOL very funny shots! Your girls are adorable!
    Don’t you love it (after the initial frustration) how they seems to have their own ideas of what a perfect photo shoot should be like?

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