Day 7

Got to go back to see the girls G. Was sleeping when we got there so we let her sleep some more. Went to find A. and got to watch her and all the other kids eat. They eat so well and so quietly !!

A’s friends pointed us out standing at the door watching and she looked up only to give us a nasty look and go back to her food. Poor baby was probably hoping today wouldn’t be a repeat of the day before.

I went to go sit in the living room and talk with the other parents and see their kiddos but then a screaming child distracted me from that. They had removed A. from eating so he could see me which made me upset and obviously her as well. I know it was well-intentioned on their part but the girl just wanted to eat !

So they handed get to me and she cried and cried and cried. I held her and rocked her and hummed to her and she cried herself to sleep again.

After an hour or so I had to head back to the agency offices to meet with the girls social worker and nannies and watch their lifebook DVD. A. went down for a nap and my mother in law stayed at the house with G.

When I got to the offices I got to meet with the girls nannies and watch their lifebook DVD. It had interviews with their birthmother and grandmother and was just priceless. A. is the spitting image of her birthmother even though she mentioned that A looked like her father. After watching the video we were all crying, It was difficult to watch but I am so incredibly happy we have that for the girls when the time comes.

After the short meeting we were able to go to see our kids again and when I walked in and saw A. I gasped. She was siting on my mother in laws lap stacking cups and laughing. My eyes teared up looking at the sweet smiling child who was starting to let her guard down a bit and then she saw me have me a little smile and waved.

I think I mighta died just then. Obviously not really but it made me so happy just to get that little bit of a smile. After a little while we all had to go and the kids had to eat. We were all going shopping in town, the shops were awesome I wish I had the chance to buy everything !!! We did end up settling on a couple outfits, some dolls, baskets, jewelry etc.


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