Its been a year today

And what a year it’s been. We have been home one year today. One year ago today my husband picked us up from the airport and got to meet his daughter. I say daughter because G was the only one awake. A had a tantrum and passed out on the floor of the baggage claim and with my nerves the way they were, who was I to wake her peaceful silent slumber ? Did I mention silent ?

It’s been quite a year. A year full of new things, new people, new responsibility, new adjustments. Daddy deployed 4 days after we got home for a year. We moved from Hawaii to California and back again. The girls moved into 4 different houses in that time and for so much change they really did great.

It’s weird seeing them so grown up in just a year. It makes me happy but sad at the same time. They are learning new things every minute of everyday and they are soooo proud of themselves as am I but really I just want time to slow down.

I think this last year I didn’t really take time to stop and observe and relish in the things going on around me because I was in survival mode; mother of two new kids dealing with so much and husband leaving for a year. I did what I needed to in order to get by and now it seems like everything went by so quickly !!!

I know most adoptive parents post some really great sounding, wise, touching, wonderful posts for their one year anniversary but I’m not most adoptive parents…

I will say though that while this year has been the hardest of my life it has been filled with much happiness and love and I look forward to many many many more with my girls and my husband.

you came to me an angry, scared, grieving child and really who could blame you. You have come such a long way this last year and continue to shock me on a daily basis. Your appetite for life is as extensive as your appetite for food. No really, you seriously eat more than me and your daddy. You love everything. Except lettuce. You get that from me (hah). You have an infectious laugh that rattles your whole little body, your smile brightens room, and your eyes tell the story of how much you’ve been through in such a short time. I think if it’s possible music and dancing were ingrained in your soul. You hate standing still and when you are concentrating hard you hum pretty little tunes that I don’t recognize. You love all things girlie and no longer scream your head off at the site of dresses. You are super shy with other children but love being around adults. You have a fierce protectiveness for your sister unless it’s you harassing her and you throughly enjoy helping G with everything. You have a seriousness and maturity about you that I think you got from your birth mom. I hope you realize one day how much you are loved but not only us but your birth family as well. You are a little piece of heaven here on earth and I’m so happy I was chosen to be your mother.

My spunky little ham. With your chubby cheeks, toothy smile, and twinkling eyes you are nothing short of perfect. You have hair that is reminiscent of both don king and bozo the clown. It wasn’t always like that and hope it’s just a weird hair phase. When I met you, you were soooooo small. You had this bobbly head and limp legs and a huge belly. You weighed hardly anything and wouldn’t drink more than two ounces of formula at a time and would wake up every hour or so to be fed. That continued 6 months. You now have grown up so much your head is no long wobbly and your legs no logger limp and I get to sleep through the night(woohoo). That big belly however still remains and is probably the reason you wear a shirt size bigger than your age. Its been a tough year for you and I my dear. In Ethiopia I was so focused on your sister and what she wad dealing with that you often had to be passed off to grandma so my attention could be given to A. I think deep down somewhere you may have understood the need for me doing that and I thank you for not fussing much. That however affected our attachment and it definitely took you much longer to attach to me than I was expecting. Oh but once you did that was it. It made me so happy when you started saying mama and looking me in the eyes and even better when you started showing an intense preference for me over others. You have grown up so fast. I cant believe that little baby that barely fit 0-3 month clothing now wears an 18month(stop growing please k ? Thanks.) You have such a fierce determination to do things and do them your way and often get easily frustrated when you are unable to do so. You love to dance and sing. You love your sister to pieces and enjoy when she helps you up to hold her hands and walk. I already can see that you look up to her as you mimic everything she does( not all of it is good G. so beware) Your daddy is the best thing since sliced bread to you and you can’t get enough of him. You love to rub his bald head and lift up your shirt to show random strangers your belly button. I wish you would stop the latter but you are as stubborn as a mule. I wish I had more to tell you of your birth family it hurts my heart that I don’t. But know that in the future if you complain to me about your name you will be told I kept it because of who gave it to you and what it means. Your birth mother was very sick with malaria so much so that she was dying but being pregnant with you saved her and no one knows why. Your birth grandma gave you that name as it means she saves and you most certainly did. Not only your birthmother but me as well. I love you forever and ever and can’t wait to see the person you become.


2 responses to “Its been a year today

  1. Oh I loved this one. And your description of the girls is right on. I’m sure they will be so happy to read these letters in the future. I’m sure based on that story G will cherish her name.

  2. Well, you made me cry! I love this post, and I love hearing all about these precious, beautiful girls. They will love to read this in the future. I miss A’s laugh that is just like joy bursting out of her body….and i miss G and her cute little bozo the clown hair. G’s name is beautiful, and she will love it!

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