Where I am from

I am from a small house in a not so nice town, from old spice and ugly 70’s furniture. I am from a house on a hill, with ice plant out back, and a big palm in the front.

I am from sprinkles and donut shop tables on Sunday mornings, bee stings from the Hamburgler and from goulash and poached eggs with hash. From Elmo and Big bird, duck duck goose, and car rides to the Commissary.

I am from Tripoley and Cribbage, and counting coins for dollar bills, from Irish pride and Mexican tempers, from John and Kelly two people more different than can be explained.

I am from affection avoidance and over reacctions. From your face will stay that way, and leave your sister alone. From home cooked dinner only on holidays.

I am from baptized as a baby, Sunday school as a child and lapsed Christianty as an adult. I’m from California born to Irish and Mexican blood, Corned Beef and Menudo.

From the wars of the world fought by the best man I knew whom i wish could see me now, and from the love of a grandparent surpasing those of the parent.

I am from to many houses to count in too short a time, from Roseville Pottery, ugly yellow linoleum, a pool in the back and a cell with just a bed.

I am from court ordered litter removal, a house with no family, no possessions to call my own. I am from survival at a young age and marriage to my best friend.

I am from Marines, Airforce, Navy and Army. From road trips in a green mini van, Royal Gorge, Zion national park, and Omaha Nebraska. From Ethiopia and back again. From wife to mommy of 2.

I am from moments in time, not wished to be repeated and moments in time that made me who I am.


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