A big day….

My sweet baby G
You are growing too fast
Another days gone
Another years passed.

You were so tiny the first time that I held you
When your nanny handed you over
All this love overwhelmed me something fierce and so new.

You have now come so far in such a short time
You’re a big healthy girl
I’m so blessed that you’re mine.

Today’s a big day dear with lots more to come
but before getting to that
Let me say it’s been a pleasure being your mom.

Now on to the things you’ve been waiting for me to say
About the 7th of April and a why it’s a special day.

A two year old child is so many things
A pint sized explorer of bugs who have wings.

You’re a singer, a dancer, an actress too
Every single day you show us something new.

An artist, a chef, and a bubble blowing queen
A fierce protector of dollies, crayons, and even sister when she’s mean.

You’re a comedian with bad jokes and funny faces,
Believe this when I say my dear you’re certainly going places.

You’re smiles, and laughter, tantrums and confused tears
Of places and people we’ll discuss more in coming years.

You’re happiness and joy, full of warmth, laughter and love
A true gift to me and daddy sent from up above.

You are a hugger like no other
A cuddly sleepy head
And someone that I’ll dream about for all the years ahead.

Happy 2nd birthday big girl !

We love you.


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