I have some awesome and supportive fellow AP friends that i don’t think I could be happy without in my life. You guys are so special to me and really help pick me up when I need it. So Jennifer, Heather, Lisa THANK YOU !

Also big shout out and Ty to and Christine Deadman Moers. If you are wanting to read and or listen to pure awesomeness go check out her blog and YouTube.


5 responses to “Friends…..

  1. I wish it weren’t so dang many hundreds of dollars to fly to you. I’d totally “suffer” for a week this summer on the island, while simultaneously loving and encouraging you! 🙂

    I sent Jennifer some resources for you today. Hope they help. I don’t like you feeling so isolated!!!

    • Lol me too Christine. Ty for the info. One is on Maui but I left a message with the other one. Hubby is deploying soon so we will be moving back to Cali. Hopefully we can find help out there she’s going to need it even more with him leaving.


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