Don’t even know how to title this

I’ve been thinking lately and for me that’s a bad thing to do. My brain doesn’t shut down on it’s own and ive not quite figured out how to force it to quiet down so i have had quite a few sleepless nights lately.

Now bare with me. All through out our lives we are taught about abusive relationships. By our parents, by teachers, coaches etc. Things to do, who to call, where to go etc. (Wo)men and men who are in abusive relationships are urged to run and run fast. Friends, family, co workers, teachers etc often plead with the victims to call for help, go to shelters, and sometimes to just disappear without word to anyone. There are shelters set up for these victims all over the us and even underground systems in place so these people can safely escape the abuse they are facing quickly and quietly and rightly so.

When kids are being abused or even suspected being abused they are immediately removed from the home and placed under protective custody while the parents are then investigated and if found guilty arrested and put in jail and rightly so.

But what happens and who is there to turn to when the parent is the abused and sadly the abuser is the child. A young traumatized child that everyone else sees as a perfect angel. Im lucky to have great understanding friends who get it but Im angry and hurt at the lack of support and resources for all of us who cant just walk away from the abuse and rightly so.


3 responses to “Don’t even know how to title this

  1. Reading this is so hard. I want you to come back here and move into the house next door (it’s for sale!) so I could be there for you.

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