2 years ago

we got the call that changed our lives forever. We were asked if we were interested in becoming the parents to two beautiful girls, a 2 year old and her 6 week old sister. We of course said yes and and today marks our two year referralversary. Id like to sit here and tell you all how wonderful and exciting and problem free its been and while we have definitely had some great moments recently the bad are outweighing the good. On one hand we have a genuinely happy loving sweet now 2 year old who loves to laugh, sing, dress up, and play. Who’s eyes light up when daddy gets home or when mommy gets her out of bed in the morning, who loves to hug and kiss, and wave and clap all day long.

Yet on the other hand we have a very sad, scared, angry, traumatized 4 year old. Who does anything she can to hurt you and your feelings, who attacks any form of goodness in her life, and wants everyone to suffer a long with her. Who growls at you, hits you, calls you names and hurts herself so you can feel the pain she feels. Who only smiles when she wants something, who only shows affection and love if someone else does so she can get attention too. She looks at you with all the hate in her eyes that she can muster and lets you know daily that she is not happy, yet doesn’t want to leave. A child who i actually have to record video of and take pictures of the rages and abuse she is putting out in order to have proof should the cops ever get called. What person wants to deal with that ? Its EXHAUSTING and robbing our other child of normalcy. Its a very weird combination and its making life very difficult. Do i love my kids ? More than anything, can I say knowing what I know now would I ever do it again ? I honestly cant say if i would. And as a parent, that hurts. A lot. Here’s hoping that this next year shows some sign of improvement so we can get to being the family we are supposed to be.

G’s Referral Info at 6 weeks-

6.6 lbs

19.3 inches

G’s Current info at 2 years old-

27.8 lbs

37 inches

A’s Referral Info at 2 years old-

18.9 lbs

32.3 inches

A’s current info at 4 years old-

34.6 lbs

41.5 inches


3 responses to “2 years ago

  1. Amazing change in G. Amazing growth for both of them. Yes, here is hoping for big change next year for A. I hope that you are able to find the specialists you need so badly. I am also hoping that your health improves and that you take care of yourself!
    ps video taping is a great tool/ a great idea. It is very hard for some people (esp law enforcement and medical people who just see a tiny little girl and don’t know about RAD) to believe what you are saying unless they can see it.

  2. Wow what a difference! I hope every day that things will get better for you all. It breaks my heart that A hurts herself and all of you. (((hugs))).

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